Sharon Balaban / Israel
Israeli video and installation artist. Born 1971 in Jerusalem. Graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. Received a Masters in Fine Art from Hunter College, New York. She works as a senior lecturer at Bazalel Academy, Jerusalem.

selected exhibitions:
2010 Appendix2 gallery, Warsaw, PL (solo) / Entangled, Art Cube, The Artist Studios Gallery, Jerusalem, IL (group) / Damage control, Video screening, MoBY, Bat Yam, IL (group) / Neo Barbarism, Rostchild 69 Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL (group) / 2009 Body and shadow, Mishkenot Shaananim, Jerusalem, IL (group) / 2008 3 x VIDEO, Galeria Szyperska, Mediations Biennale, Poznań, PL (group) / On the move, Video Screening, The Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY (group) / 2007 Raft of the Medusa, The National Museum in Krakow, PL (group) / 2005 / Herzliya Museum of Art, IL (solo) / 2003 inova, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, US (solo) / 2001 Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL (solo) / 2000 Herzliya Museum of Art, IL (solo) / Haifa Museum of Art, IL (solo)

Her works are intimate. Most of them are made at home or studio. Not so often she takes camera outdoors. Close-ups of objects, body fragments, nature are most common. She uses most simple techniques, ambient lighting and no scenography. Videos are short, from several seconds to two or three minutes. In lapidary works Sharon Balaban transforms meaning of objects. Water flowing from tap resembles luminous nude female; swinging wrist is a go-go dancer; peal of banana is a bird and dead bird flaps its wings. But the most important is absolute awareness and certainty in hers weapon of choice – video. She developed her own language, which cannot be translated to painting, drawing or photography. Only video recording can be its medium.

prepered by: galeria Apendix, Warsaw

Car, 2009, video, 1’07”