Lenore Malen

Lenore Malen

Born in the USA. Lives and works in New York.

Curator: Denise Carvalho

Lenore Malen’s I Am The Animal is 12-minute 3-channel video installation inspired by raising bees and by Derrida’s 2008 book, I Am The Animal That Therefore I Am.

YouTube clips, archival and found footage, and clips of footage shot in Hudson, NY function like memes, moving faster than the speed of our thought.  The clips simulate the flows, assemblages, evanescence and ceaseless becoming of the hive. Our world similarily consists of complex net of relationships affects, and becomings. The angle  of three screens creates a walk-in environment; the visual field becomes one with our bodily awareness.

The film shows the breakdown of boundaries between human and animal, organic and inorganic, biological and technical leading to the realization: “there is no human and there never has been and that the human is not a given, but rather is made in an ongoing process of technological and anthropological evolution. “

The film begins on the left screen with a beekeeper expressing his love for his hives and ends there when the hives are sealed up are removed at night. Also at the end of the film, but appearing on the right, is scrolling text with quotes from Deleuze, Agamben, Beckett, Coetzee, and others.

Jussi Parrika recently wrote about this work: “The three screens deterritorialize our vision. A slowly progressing multiplication of viewpoints is the becoming animal of perception that the installation delivers. “

Selected individual exhibitions :




I Am The Animal,—3 channel projection, sculpture and audio installation Koppelman Gallery, Tufts University (curated by Amy Schlegel)




The New Society  for Universal Harmony Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University (curated by Nina Felshin) (exhibition)




The New Society for Universal Harmony Cue Art Foundation, NY (curated by Pepe Karmel) (exhibition and performance)


Selected group exhibitions:




The Herd Remorse (video screening) Lesley Heller Gallery, NY




I Am The Animal—3 channel projection, sculpture and audio installation Wave Hill, NY (curated by Jennifer MacGregor)


Vanishing Animals Hudson Opera House, Hudson, NY (screening)


Twin-Twin Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (curated by Matt Freedman)




I Am The Animal, Pt 1 (2009) (screenings)


FilmColumbia, Chatham, NY


FarmFest, Chatham, NY


Consume: Exit Art, NYC


Works on Paper: Big Small & Casual, LIC (exhibition) (curated by Kate Teale)




Let's Stay Together—Utopian Yearnings/Collective visions: Pierogi's The Boiler (curated by Adam Simon) (screening)


Down To Earth: EcoArtSpace, NY (curated by Amy Lipton) (screening)


Twin Twin: Big Small & Casual, LIC           (curated by Matt Freedman) (exhibition)


Harmony As A Hive:Global Warning: Artists Tackle Climate Change: Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University (curated by Nina Felshin) (exhibition)








Lenore Malen, I Am The Animal, wideo instalacja, 2011
Lenore Malen, I Am The Animal, video installation, 2011

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