Timo Kahlen

Timo Kahlen

Born in 1966 in Germany

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Curator: Tomasz Wendland

Dead insects (objets trouvés) dance, shiver and float on the membranes of loudspeakers mounted into eight museum pedestals. Reanimated by the low frequency sound and pulsed vibration emitted from the loudspeaker membranes, their chitinous skeletons create a light, clickering percussive noise as they touch the speakers. Caught in an endless series of random and nervous movement, the isolated insects seem to be more alive than dead. Timo Kahlen's sound sculpture "Dance for Insects" (2010/2012) seems to question the thin line between life and death, between chance and fate.

Supported by a scholarship of Stiftung Kunstfonds, Germany 2010 . Courtesy ZKM Karlsruhe and Ruine der Kuenste Berlin.



Timo, Kahlen, Dance for Insects, sound sculpture, 2010/2012
Timo Kahlen, Dance for Insects, sound sculpture, 2010/2012

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