Sławomir Decyk

born in 1968, lives and works in Poznań. Since 2002 he has been employed at the Faculty of Photography of the University of the Arts in Poznań. He is involved in a broadly-understood phenomenon of photography, installation and motion picture. A reflexive attitude of his creative works is featured by the confrontation of forgotten or omitted methods of imaging with current practices of medium experiencing, defining the border areas of photography (in particular those identified as post-media), gaining new means of expression and tools that lead to outreaching one’s imagination. He is a co-creator of Solarigraphics and author of a unique series of cyclographics. He participated in more than 70 exhibitions in Poland and abroad, i.e. in: Great Britain, Australia, China, Spain, Canada, Germany, Slovakia.
Since 2020 he has been running Experimental Photography Atelier at the Faculty of Photography of the M. Abrakanowicz University of Art in Poznań.